Linda H - Westfield, Indiana

"John Daly is a great moderator."

Terrie R

"Another great speaker with interesting and applicable stories-which makes it easier to remember key points"

Dean B - Traverse City, Alabama

"No comments. Very pleased with this webinar and the instructor."

Lynn S

"Loved John Daly. He made things relevant all around rather than focusing on one type of business. Conversation was lively and not dull. Fully enjoyed this. "

Danny I

"This gave me some insight as to what I should CONSTANTLY be doing for budgeting and forecasting. Thank you."

John C - Dickinson, Texas

"This was a very helpful course. Mr. Levy is very knowledgeable and I would be interested in seeing other courses by him."

Derek V

"So many good, short quotes that are easy to understand and remember."

Sue V

"John gave great examples and he explain the importance of some of the business books, so I will follow thru on those resources. "

Barbara B

"Excellent presentation."

Pam H - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

"Great course. Helpful in budgeting and overall business operations and business communications"